Cloud Services

SEEBURGER Cloud Services include a range of communication, monitoring and application services, enhancing your company’s flexibility and agility and facilitating the exchange of messages with your business partners. Lower your investment costs by outsourcing your entire communication or parts thereof to the SEEBURGER Cloud. Simply book our standardized SEEBURGER Cloud Services in the Cloud Shop and use them immediately. More complex or customized Cloud Services are available on request.

Many companies have put their full trust in the services of SEEBURGER.

Integration Services

B2B Integration

The electronic exchange and automatic processing of business documents according to industry standards is a key business of digitalization. Use our B2B Integration Services, benefit from more efficient processes and intensify your business relations to your business partners. No matter whether your company wants to implement B2B / EDI requirements for the first time or wants to replace existing in-house solutions, our SEEBURGER cloud experts will provide you with optimum support.

Digital Ecosystem

B2B Management

The B2B Management services support you with organizational and technical tasks concerning B2B Integration: From the first contact, to connecting your B2B partners up to the maintenance of the required communication master data. You can also use the B2B master data of all partners already integrated on your local system. A SEEBURGER team of experts supports you in all phases of your EDI projects.


You want to exchange data electronically with your B2B partner, although this partner does not even have an ERP system? WebEDI allows you to integrate non-EDI enabled suppliers into your EDI infrastructure by using a web portal. When your B2B partners enter their data into the web portal, the data will be submitted to your ERP system in the agreed target format.

LoB Services


Electronic invoice processing streamlines processes, lowers costs and improves the environmental footprint. To benefit from the advantages of E-Invoicing, companies need flexible solutions, which also cover future requirements – without additional costs or technical expenses for the user. We offer these solutions in the SEEBURGER Cloud.

Managed File Transfer

With the Managed File Transfer (MFT) Services, you can even use the Cloud for sensitive business data. The MFT Services provide the highest level of security for saving and exchanging sensitive and valuable data via a central MFT platform. It is your decision, who has access to your data. This way, quotes, contracts, construction plans and further business-critical information can be delivered securely.

Utilities & Provider

The SEEBURGER Cloud offers energy suppliers with its Utilities Cloud Service an array of quick and cost-effective standardized solutions to map and automatize their market processes. The services range from a simple tool used to securely transfer personal data in clarification cases, through the monitoring service used to keep track of your entire market communication, up to the outsourcing service where the SEEBURGER team processes all your data and fully takes over your entire market communication.

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