Community Survey: Erheben von Partnerinforma­tio­nen mittels Online-Fragebögen für Partner Onboarding

Community Survey

Use the service to address partners who are not (yet) registered for the B2B Directory and to manage large projects with existing partners, who you need certain information from, such as a contact person for a new topic, a preferred onboarding date, a registration ID according to a new guideline etc.

Often survey results are needed on time, as deadlines must be met. The monitoring functions of the Community Survey help you to monitor the progress of individual partners or of entire projects. When you are working with difficult partners, you and your team can interfere and keep a record in the system.


Before onboarding

You plan to use the SEEBURGER B2B Directory to manage your partners. Often it will also be necessary to collect information from your partners beforehand. Information about your partners can be needed to:

  • assess the technical equipment and resources of your partners,
  • coordinate the course of the onboarding,
  • prepare specialist processes in your company.

After onboarding

The Community Survey also helps you to collect information from partners who have already been onboarded. This could be the case when:

  • legal conditions change,
  • processes in your company change,
  • there are technical or specialist changes to your ERP system.

Quick Access Video

Watch our Quick Access Video to get a brief overview of the SEEBURGER Community Survey Service

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Benefits and features of the Community Survey service

  • Quick and easy creation of professional online questionnaires
  • Inexpensive execution of online surveys
  • Shortened survey period (fast online data collection by the respondents)
  • High data quality as a result of web based data collection
  • Central monitoring of survey results
  • Possibility to send email reminders to trading partners who have not answered questionnaires
  • Systematic, manual follow-up
  • Automatic delivery of results (CSV or XML format )
  • Supports surveys for individual (unregistered) participants as well as company/multi-user accounts (self-registration of the company partners)

Related services

The Community Survey Cloud service is the first building block of our B2B Management that helps you to manage and connect your trading partners. In this context, we also provide the following services:
  • Community Survey (the described service)
    Service to create online questionnaires for initially contacting your company partners
  • B2B Directory
    The central directory with B2B partner profiles of SEEBURGER
  • B2B Routing
    Automatic routing of EDI messages
  • B2B Onboarding
    Automatic registration of B2B partners to the B2B Directory
  • Managed Trading Partner Service
    A full-service solution in which experienced SEEBURGER experts take care of your integration platform to connect your business partners

Upfield Europe BV Guidelines

Hier können Sie die Guidelines von Upfield Europe BV herunterladen.

Edifact ORDERS D01B


Edifact ORDCHG D01B


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Edifact DESADV D01B


Unsere Datenblätter und Zertifikate finden Sie unter folgendem Link: B2B Routing Service – AS2

Product Details

The service helps you create surveys using the following features:

  • Survey editor

    Design the structure of your surveys as well as the input fields according to your wishes. For this purpose, you can use features like different question types.

  • Using templates

    Use one of our templates to create a survey in the shortest time.

  • Importing lists of participants

    Import the list of participants as a CSV file and use the master data for your survey.

  • Individual invitation e-mails

    Design your invitation e-mails including the link to your survey according to your wishes. You can also add attachments to your e-mails.

  • Using the monitoring feature

    Use our monitoring feature to check the current overview for invitees who have already participated in your survey.

  • Sending e-mail reminders

    Send an e-mail reminder to participants who have not yet participated in your survey.

  • Viewing and downloading results
    in real time

    During an ongoing survey, you can view the results of your survey in real time and download them in CSV format. You can prepare particularly important answers to individual questions in a direct evaluation.




30-day trial to test the Community Survey Service without obligation


150 € / Month

Create simple surveys for unregistered participants


500 € / Month

Create surveys among registered business partners in preparation for a B2B Onboarding

SEEBURGER Cloud Contact

Do you have any questions - please don't hesitate to contact me:

Holger Fiederling (Director Pre-Sales)

+49 (0) 7252 96 1519