B2B Onboarding

B2B Onboarding

You have booked the B2B Routing service and want to connect a larger number of B2B partners? Use the B2B Onboarding service to invite your partners to the onboarding and stay on top of things even with a large number of partners. Your partners can use the self-service to carry out the following steps.

The service supports both the onboarding of new partners and the migration of existing partners from your old solution to the B2B Routing.


For larger onboarding and migration projects we offer you the B2B Onboarding service. It enables you to connect your business partners to our B2B Routing service using a standardized and largely automated process. Email invitations, registration of the B2B partners for the B2B Directory, and the activation of a business link between you and your partner as a prerequisite for the exchange of EDI messages via the B2B Routing service, are essential parts of the B2B Onboarding service.

Your business partners log onto our platform and go through the onboarding process online. During the process, they are guided step by step. You can keep track of the progress of each trading partner with our monitoring solution and, if necessary, intervene directly.

After your B2B partners have confirmed their participation in the B2B Routing service, they can immediately exchange EDI messages with you via the SEEBURGER Cloud. Your partners can use the self-service in case they want to adjust further configuration settings.

Benefits and features of the B2B Onboarding service

  • Simple
    • Complete, automated onboarding process.
  • Time-efficient
    • Shortest possible lead time from the invitation to the go-live of a new B2B partner via a 24/7 self-service.
  • Transparent
    • Monitoring the onboarding status of each invited B2B partner.
The B2B Onboarding service requires the B2B Routing service.

Related services

The B2B Onboarding service provides features for the automated integration of your B2B partners. In this context, we also provide the following services:
  • Community Survey
    Collecting partner information via online surveys
  • B2B Onboarding (the described service)
    Automatic registration of B2B partners to the B2B Directory
  • B2B Directory
    The central directory with B2B partner profiles of SEEBURGER
  • B2B Routing
    Automatic routing of EDI messages
  • Managed Trading Partner Service
    A full-service solution in which experienced SEEBURGER experts take care of your integration platform to connect your business partners

Product Details


Features of the B2B Onboarding service

Creating an onboarding project

We provide you with a project template, which includes simple, predefined forms. The project template includes:

  • A welcome email template
  • A welcome form template
  • A blank form to store your own contact data and EDI ID
  • A request form for contact data and EDI ID of your B2B partners, as well as for getting their approval for their participation in the B2B Routing service
  • Completion form

You can set up an individual onboarding project based on these project templates by customizing the template texts.

Execution of an onboarding project

To start a project, you need a list of participants in CSV format. After you have imported the list, you can use the welcome email template to send an invitation email to the participants.

The participants only need to click the link included in the invitation email to start the onboarding process. Participants are asked to register for the SEEBURGER cloud and get a user account. They can add their contact data and EDI ID in the onboarding form. To finalize the onboarding, they have to confirm the exchange of EDI messages with you via the B2B Routing.

From that moment, you can exchange EDI messages with your new B2B partner via the B2B Routing service. The B2B partner can use the self-service to adjust further configuration settings such as the communication end point setup.

You can always add new participants to an ongoing project.

Monitoring and managing the onboarding

Use our monitoring features to see the detailed status of each participant of your onboarding project at anytime, so you can see early enough if participants don’t react, reject the onboarding or haven’t completed the onboarding process.

You can send email reminders or follow-up via telephone and keep a record for each participant. Participants can also reject the participation, for example when they are not the correct contact person to do the onboarding, and inform you about the correct contact.


500 €

Monthly base price (including 20 Partner Onboardings* each billing month)

Each additional Partner Onboarding 25 €

  • Onboarding B2B partners to the B2B Routing Service
  • Import of B2B partners via CSV upload
  • Customizable onboarding forms
  • Invitation to onboarding by email
  • Monitoring of onboarding status
  • Registeration of B2B partners in the B2B Directory for self-service
  • Setting up and testing the communication connection via self-service
  • Establishment of EDI routing in self-service

*The B2B Directory registration of a B2B Partner who has been invited by a B2B Onboarding project counts as Partner Onboarding.

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