Secure Data Room

Secure Data Room

With Secure Data Room you can share files up to 4 GB via your browser or using our plugin for Microsoft Windows Explorer. Share folders with colleagues of your company or provide external partners with upload and download links to exchange files.


You can use our service via a web application in your browser or with a plugin for your Microsoft Windows Explorer, you need to install on your computer.

Use the web application to create folders and share them with other colleagues by assigning reading, writing or creating rights for each folder. Or you can subscribe to shared folders of your colleagues and access them according to your rights. Create upload and download links with limited validity for external partners and send them directly from the web application or your local mail client.

With the Windows Explorer Plugin you can move files via drag-and-drop between Secure Data Room folders and local or network folders. You can also create upload and download links directly from the Windows Explorer and send them to your external partners via email.

When your business partner uses an upload or download link, you will be notified via email.

Quick Access Video

Watch our Quick Access Video to get a brief overview of the SEEBURGER Secure Data Room Service

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Benefits of the Secure Data Room service:

  • Secure

    With ISO 27001 certified data centers and our BIS File Exchange technology, we meet the highest security requirements. We use virus scans and encrypt all files before transmitting and saving them.

  • Simple

    We created a simple solution, so you can set up the service yourself and use it anywhere you want.

  • Cost-effective

    Using our service, you can save software and hardware expenses and avoid the administration effort of an own system. You will receive a monthly invoice and will only be charged the number of active users.

Product Details

The service offers you the following features and functions:

  • Flexible use

    Use the service via the web application in the SEEBURGER Cloud or with our Microsoft Windows Explorer Plugin.

  • Storage space & flexible transmission

    Use up to 10 GB of storage and send files of up to 4 GB.

  • External partners

    Send upload and download links to exchange files.

  • Internal use

    Share folders with other users of your company.

  • Notification function

    You will be notified via email about all uploads and downloads of your partners.

  • File availability

    Your files are available up to 365 days.

  • Password protection

    Protect your upload and download links with passwords.

  • Anti-virus scan

    We run automatic virus scans on all files stored in the SEEBURGER Cloud.

  • Audit report

    We offer a company-wide audit report including all file operations of the past 90 days on request, so you can keep a complete overview.


25 €

per user / month / including 5 user
Each additional user 5 €

  • 4GB maximum file size
  • 10 GB of storage space
  • 365 days maximum file availability
  • Upload and download links for external partners
  • Optional password protection
  • Share folders (company internal)
  • Anti Virus Check
  • Secure data transfer (TLS)
  • Windows Explorer integration
SEEBURGER Cloud Contact

Do you have any questions - please don't hesitate to contact me:

Holger Fiederling (Director Pre-Sales)

+49 (0) 7252 96 1519