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RRM+ Service

For the moment the reports concern transaction and fundamental data, but in the future other data. Strict rules apply with respect to the reporting deadlines, the file format as well as the documentation of the file transfer.

The reports are not transferred by the players themselves, but by selected service providers, known as RRM (Registered Reporting Mechanism), to the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER). The mission of ACER is to monitor and regulate European energy markets with the objective of promoting transparency and stability.


The SEEBURGER RRM+ Service is one of the mechanisms registered with ACER and it is represented in the ACER-RRM-List as follows:

  ACER Code / ID of RRM:   B0000112P.DE
                Delegated Party Name:SEEBURGER AG

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Features and Services

Our RRM+ Service offers you several technical options to transfer transaction information to the energy regulator ACER:

In the initial link-up (“RRM+ basic service”) the SEEBURGER RRM+ Service comprises only the automated integration to your reporting system. Further technical integration options mentioned below will require a separate and explicit order placed by your company:

  • Manual integration via filling out the respective online forms
  • Manual integration via uploading CSV files
The requirements concerning the formats of the data that your company provides to SEEBURGER for the purpose of reporting to ACER have to be in compliance with the respective requirements of ACER, as laid down in the MoP (Manual of Procedures on transaction and fundamental data reporting under REMIT). As of 30 September, 2015, the MoP can be obtained in English from ACER’s website.

SEEBURGER checks the syntax of the reporting data during the reporting process. In addition the data transferred by SEEBURGER to ACER undergoes a validation process. The RRM+ Service provides the results of all tests and/or validations as well as of any feedback (e.g. acknowledgements, reports) by the ACER system via your reporting system.

You can view your messages and feedback online via the monitoring interface of the RRM+ Service. In this way you can always keep an eye on the reporting process and track every step in detail.

Your advantages

  • Simple registration via the SEEBURGER Cloud
  • English-speaking support team
  • A maximum degree of failure safety thanks to the use of ISO 27001-certified data processing centers in Germany
  • Full control of all costs thanks to our pay-per-use model
  • Flexible period of use thanks to three-months’ notice
  • Integrated syntax check as a quality gate
  • Monitoring und recording of the data transfer
  • Support of alternative technical integration options
  • Option to delegate the reporting process
  • Option to report third party business
  • Option to be provided with a branding based on your corporate identity

SEEBURGER offers all interested companies operating in the energy industry the option to use the SEEBURGER RRM+ Service. Simply sign up for the SEEBURGER Cloud and tie your business quick and easy to the SEEBURGER RRM+ Service!

Product Details

Once you have saved and activated your ACER code in the RRM+ Service, you can send reports to ACER using the following features:

  • Dashboard

    The dashboard provides you with a user-friendly overview. It helps you monitor all your activities and access statistics for certain periods.

  • Various Reporting Mechanisms

    In addition to the automated reporting of ACER-XML files via SFTP, we also support manual reporting options: use our web-based forms in the cloud or fill out our Excel templates and upload the CSV-files.

  • Reporting History

    The reporting history provides a detailed overview of all your reports to and responses from ACER.

  • Displaying and Downloading Reports

    All sent and received ACER XML files can either be downloaded or displayed in a user-friendly way.

  • Invite End Customers

    As a provider, you can invite your end customers so that they can report to ACER, too.

  • Manage Reporting and Monitoring Permissions

    You can provide your end customers with monitoring and reporting permissions based on their own ACER code. You can also take over reporting and monitoring for your end customers by delegating the tasks to your own staff.

  • Customize the Corporate Design

    Our „Branded RRM+“ service allows you to customize the SEEBURGER Cloud to your Corporate Design. Your end customers will see your logo and the design of your choice when logging in and using the SEEBURGER RRM+ Service.

The RRM+ Service is available in three packages. The following table gives you an overview of the services offered in each of the packages:

RRM+ Basic service RRM+ Service & reporting 3rd party business RRM+ Service provider Pro/ Branded RRM+
Fully automated reporting from your reporting system
Possibility of reporting delegation
Monitoring function for all reports and appropriate receipts from ACER
Manual reporting via online forms
Manual reporting via CSV upload
Inviting end customer organizations for third-party reporting
Creation of service providers
Individual branding adapted to your CI

Click here to find more details on the function of the RRM+ Service : RRM+ Service Technical details


We offer the RRM+ Service in three packages:

  • RRM+ basic service
    Establishes an automated link-up to your reporting system and providing a web interface for monitoring purposes
  • Extension of supplementary service – reporting of third party business
    offers an extension option for manual single reports via a form or CSV upload
  • Branded RRM+
    RRM+ Service in the branding of the SEEBURGER Cloud customer

The monthly usage fee consists of a fixed basic price (which depends on the package selected) and a variable share based on the number of transactions reported and users integrated.

You may cancel the RRM+ Service after giving SEEBURGER three months’ notice.

Please register with the SEEBURGER Cloud to learn more about the price system for the RRM+ Service. Registration with the SEEBURGER Cloud is free of charge.

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